"Travel through the south of Iceland connecting with nature and with yourself on an 8-day trip, crossing incredible landscapes, surrounded by waterfalls, glaciers, colorful mountains, and black sand beaches"


Day 1: Arrival in Keflavík and transfer to accommodation.

Day 2: Do you want to travel to the center of the earth?
Located in the snafell peninsula is the volcano snafellsjokult, where july berne was inspired to write the book a trip to the center of the earth and where we will have the opportunity to reach the base of this incredible volcano and make a meditation in one of the cavities of volcanic formation.
This peninsula that brings together a little of each of the landscapes that you can find in all of Iceland will offer us the opportunity to take a conscious trekking to feel the energy of this mystical place.


Day 3: Ready to feel the strength of mother nature separating two continents?

Our destination today is the "Golden Circle" þingvellir, Geysir and Gullfos.
In þingvellir we will be among the Euroasiatica and North American tectonic plates. Here we visit several scarcely known places, and after exploring these, we will have a meditation session.
In Geysir we will go to see the natural phenomenon created by the location´s geothermal activity, and follow this with an exercise of emotional management.
In Gullfos, we will get as close as we can to this impressive waterfall and take a few conscious breaths.


Day 4: Would you like to be at the foot of the third largest glacier mass in the world?
Today we will be at the foot of the Vatnajökull, and we will meditate in one of the glacier´s immense lagoons.
On the way we will stop to take a conscious walk to Svartifoss, one of the most famous basalt waterfalls in Iceland, located in the Skaftafell national park. From there we can also observe the glacieral tongue ​​and, if the sun is out, we can see the highest point of Iceland .

Day 5: Do you feel like navigating between icebergs, crossing the gigantic lava river of Laki, and entering one of the most inhospitable areas of the region?
Today our meditation will be in the dense mosses of the immense lava field of the Laki, near the Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon, where we will take a conscious walk.
To end the day we will go into the Thangil valley, accompanied by views of the Mýrdalsjökull and glacial valleys.


Día 6: : Would you like to feel the sea on black sand beaches of volcanic origin,  and see waterfalls that will leave you speechless?
Today we will start with a meditation in Reynisfjara, continue with an exercise of emotional management in Skógafos and finish with a conscious walk in Seljalandfoss.


Día 7: To end the trip we will go to Hveragerdi, taking a bath in a river of hot water.

Día 8: Free time until airport transfer. Flight back.


​                                                INCLUDED

  • Flight from Madrid or Barcelona to Reykjavík roundtrip, in economy class.

  • Private transfers from / to the airport with assistance in Spanish. See section "transfers" ("About the Trip").

  • 7 nights accommodation in a quadruple room (excluding one night in a multi-room refuge), with shared bathroom (excluding the first night, for which you will have a private bathroom). In many of the accommodations a sleeping bag (on a bed with a fitted sheet) will be used.

  • Half board from breakfast on Day 2 to breakfast on Day 8 (except dinner in Reykjavik), as specified in the section "Diets" ("About the Trip").

  • All the excursions mentioned in the program.

  • Zodiac excursion through the icebergs lagoon.

  • Taotrips guide for the route days.

  • Exclusive vehicle for the group for the days of the route.

  • Travel insurance with cancellation.


  • Supplement of € 100 in August.

  • Airfare and issuance costs (between 150 and 200 €). In flights with scale, the price could be higher.

  • The lunches or the last dinner in Reykjavík.

  • Sleeping bag. There is a possibility of renting one in Iceland (pre-booking essential).

  • Expenses derived from adverse weather or flight delays.

  • "Everything not specified in "Includes".


Trips 2019: September

Price: from 1995€

The group: It is a group with a maximum of 8 travelers. We will join other travelers until the group is full. You can join any of them, regardless of how many people you are. There are no supplements for individual travelers as they will share a room.

Accommodation: On this trip we will sleep in accommodation with shared bathrooms and mixed rooms for 4 people, except one night in a mountain refuge, where it will be a multiple room. Another of the nights we will stay in cabins with bunk beds or shared double beds. The bathrooms are always common. They are outside the room and we will share them with other travelers, except the first night when you will sleep in a hotel, in an en suite room. We will use sleeping bags on the beds dressed only with a fitted sheet and without a pillow; in Keflavík / Reykjavík the accommodations have made beds.

On this trip there is not the possibility of having double rooms or private bathrooms, since some of the places where we will be staying do not offer this as a service.
Many of the accommodations lack pillows and blinds, so you can wear an eye mask and use a small or an inflatable pillow.


Diets: Half board from Day 2 of the trip until Day 7, on arrival in Reykjavík (dinner not included). On the 8th morning breakfast is also included. During each day the travelers will help with the preparations of the meals and the cleaning of kitchen utensils; the guide will be in charge of coordinating the group. At noon, the guide will take care of stopping in a suitable place, where each person will buy their own food for lunch, depending on the activity that will be carried out that day.
The travel diet will be vegetarian and well balanced. The menu will be created with fresh products, taking into account our bodily needs for the days activities.
In the case of an allergy or food intolerance the traveler must inform TaoTrips beforehand, when first booking the trip. TaoTrips will try to adapt the diet of the trip or will communicate with you where this may not be possible.


Recommended material and clothing: along with this file you can find the recommended material for the route. It is not necessary to make large outlays when purchasing material; Talk to Taotrips and we will advise you. Although the guide will have a first aid kit, each traveler must carry what they consider necessary depending on their pathologies, personal needs, risks, etc., which they must communicate to the guide in private.

Transfers: Including private transfers with assistance in Spanish, for departures / arrivals on direct flights from Madrid with Icelandair and from Barcelona with Norwegian, hired within the package.

Activities: the activities do not belong to any specific religious or philosophical belief. They are simply exercises that will help you connect with yourself and with the present moment, which can benefit you in countless ways. These exercises can be applied later in your daily life at any time you feel you may need them.

        Meditations: in meditations we will rely on breathing to become aware of our body, our mind and everything around us. In each place                 different types of meditations will be made.

        Conscious Trekking: bringing awareness to the movement of walking, we will perform exercises that will help improve our focus and life´s           motivation.

        Conscious walk: the same as conscious trekking, but with less duration.

        Emotional management: we will immerse ourselves in the mental and emotional process taking place within us during each experience and         you will be provided with tools that will help you see this process and understand it, thus giving you the opportunity to stop reacting                     negatively to these situations and begin to respond consciously to them.                                                        

Yoga and Qi Gong: depending on the weather there is the possibility of doing some Yoga and Qi Gong sessions.

Northern Lights: there is the possibility of seeing this incredible natural phenomenon from the end of August.

How and when to reserve: TaoTrips will indicate the steps to process a reservation. Iceland has become a popular destination in recent years, mainly during the summer months, and it is highly recommended to make the reservation in advance (at least three months before) in order to secure the place and the best services. Our groups are limited in number.

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